@saberhq/saber-common - v1.14.11


Common libraries across Saber projects.


Detailed information on how to build on Saber can be found on the Saber developer documentation website.

Automatically generated TypeScript documentation can be found on GitHub pages.

Common Errors

Module parse failed: Unexpected token

saber-common targets ES2019, which is widely supported by modern DApp browsers. Please ensure that your build pipeline supports this version of ECMAScript.


Package Description Version
@saberhq/anchor-contrib TypeScript client for Anchor programs npm
@saberhq/browserslist-config Saber shareable config for Browserslist. npm
@saberhq/chai-solana Chai test helpers npm
@saberhq/solana-contrib Solana TypeScript utilities npm
@saberhq/stableswap-sdk StableSwap SDK npm
@saberhq/token-utils SPL Token arithmetic and types npm
@saberhq/use-solana Solana React library npm


To release a new version of Saber Common, navigate to the release action page and click "Run workflow".

There, you may specify patch, minor, or major.

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We're looking for contributors! Reach out to team@saber.so or message michaelhly on Keybase with any questions.


Saber Common is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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